How Much Does it Cost?

ServicesGeneral Pest ControlMosquito ServiceTermite Service
Exterior TreatmentsSpray, Granules, Eave SweepSpecialized MistTailored Treatment
Interior TreatmentsBaseboards, Wall InjectionsTailored Treatment
InspectionsPest Infestations, RodentsPotential Breeding SitesTermite Infestations
Property Size< 2,500 sq ft = $109/qtr
2,500–3,999 sq ft = $119/qtr
4,000–5,499 sq ft = $129/qtr
5,500–6,999 sq ft = $139/qtr
7,000+ sq ft  = $149/qtr
0.25 acre = $65/mo
0.33 acre = $70/mo
0.5 acre = $79/mo
1 acre = $99/mo
Any house size
Price for initial service$99Same as monthly$349
Price for maintenance service$109–149/qtr*$65–99/mo*$300/yr
*Price based on property size.

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